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[Annie Violet // “Midnight Muse”]

Anonymous said: Any female snapchat acc to share? ^.^

sorry but i respect the privacy of my followers!

purestcandifloss said: Hey. Apologies if I've already asked this, but I have so many Tumblr's to contact and it's hard to remember which ones I've messaged! I was, until very recently, purecandifloss. Tumblr deleted me, tho I was not told which post(s) were offensive. Could I ask that you pass this on to your followers? I'd like to get thru to the 30,000 or so followers I lost that I'm back. Cheers!!

no problemo! listen up all you horny people, this is one incredible blog loaded with some great amateur videos! its more loaded than a tight cream filled asian pussy! 

Anonymous said: hey would you mind snappin back and forth with a guy? or are you more one sex over the other?

sorry, but i wouldnt be interested. i would prefer to snap back and forth with my female followers. however, if it turns you on, feel free to snap me!

beautifulassbabes said: I was just wondering actually if there were any other asian video only tumlbrs that you would recommend. Thanks.

as far as strictly videos, i believe i am the only one. theres tons of other asian tumblrs that post videos and pictures together

Anonymous said: Im curios how do u feel about if a male were to add u on snap chat

I have a mix of male and female followers on my snapchat. feel free to add me if you’d like! 


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