Anonymous said: Who was the last girl you were just watching on snapchat?

Snapchat: OAV14

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Anonymous said: My boyfriend is Taiwanese and I can't wait to marry him. He is so full of light I'm blinded by him. Damn! We are going to have to fun together. His hugs are so amazing it makes me feel like I'm safe around. I'd kiss him from head to toe, every inch nice and slow.

you might want to add a pair of sunglasses to your wedding gift registry then. mazel tov to you both

Anonymous said: I would get turned on by you snap chatting you cumming

good thing I cum at least twice a day

Anonymous said: so hottttttttt. Snap me!

i snap everyone back who snaps me!

Anonymous said: Who were you watching on snapchat?

a video from xhamster. search asian mandi and it will come up. 

Ill be on Snapchat till 11:00 PM PST. snap me anything youd like and ill snap right back.